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Last year Zumba licensed Bachaco’s “Cumbia pa’ la Nena” for their highly successful fitness programs worldwide! Now the band’s “Cumbia pa’ la Nena” Song has gone viral and people all over the world are posting their own Zumba routines to YouTube and many of them with view counts in the thousands! Zumba’s programs reaches over 35 countries and so far Bachaco’s song has been heard in countries like Japan, Australia, Netherlands, Israel, Canada, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Romania! But the band’s favorite video is one recorded in Tornio, Finland under a snowfall! Is a sign the band should start working on a Europe tour? Try dancing to Bachaco while freezing to death! Here’s the video:

If you want to try your own version, you can purchase your copy of Bachaco’s “Cumbia pa’ la Nena” on all major online music stores including:




Also, here are the other videos, vote for your favorite!!

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