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NEW VIDEO: Cumbia pa' la Nena

Without further due, ENJOY! Million thanks to all our fans for being part of the video and specially to our Latin Grammy Award Winner Director: Cesar Rodriguez. If you like the song you can buy it online: iTunes: Amazon:

“Cumbia pa’ la Nena” Goes Viral with Zumba!

Last year Zumba licensed Bachaco’s “Cumbia pa’ la Nena” for their highly successful fitness programs worldwide! Now the band’s “Cumbia pa’ la Nena” Song has gone viral and people all over the world are posting their own Zumba routines to YouTube and many of them with view counts in the thousands! Zumba’s programs reaches over […]

Bachaco meets Bahiano!

During our visit to Argentina for a whole month we met BAHIANO (ex-pericos). Here’s the video and photos of the experience!

Argentina Tour 2010: Interview on Pelagatos

Pelagatos was truly one of Bachaco’s best friends through our stay in Argentina! Here’s some of the photos and video from the first time we met and our interview on the show!

“Tu Ciudad Tu Musica” 2008

Back in 2008 when we won the Burger King “Tu Ciudad Tu Musica” contest in Miami! It was a great experience, we’re happy we won, here’s more pics and a little video from that experience…