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MONTEREY WEEKLY: Bachaco deliver Latin roots-flavored reggae rock in Monterey and Salinas, on a 52-day tour from Miami to Seattle.

Bachaco lead singer Eddy Morillo feels particularly good about the band’s run at SXSW a week ago. Throughout the week, they served up molotov cocktails of reggae rock splashed with Latin energy from Venezuela, Puerto Rico and beyond. Set highlights included the six-piece’s new single “Sunfire Girl,” a catchy summertime jam propelled by a hip-hop-inspired […]


What do you get when you combine eight guys from across the Caribbean and Latin America with a passion for creating sazón? Bachaco. Named after the leafcutter ant in Venezuela, an insect that’s used to make salsa picante, the Afro-Caribbean-roots-rock-cumbia-reggae-ska band recently released its first self-titled album and the crew is already working on a […]

Entrevista AlBorde: Bachaco "Cumbia pa' la nena"

Back in Los Angeles we had the chance to speak to AlBorde about “Cumbia pa’ la nena”. Check out the interview here. If you liked the song don’t forget to get yours here… ITUNES AMAZON NAPSTER

Nelson Bustamante explica qué es BACHACO? (2008)

Nelson Bustamante explica qué es BACHACO para toda America Latina desde Miami. En esta entrevista a BACHACO y conversan sobre sus influencias, la música Reggae, Cumbia y otros ritmos  en su programa Aquí Todos Ganan de America TeVé. 2008 Nelson Bustamente Con mas de 25 años de carrera es muy reconocido en el publico venezolano principalmente […]